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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Curbar Edge

Today I went for an early morning walk with friends Neil and Caroline. I was quite eager to go, as Me and Amanda treated ourselves to a new digital camera for Christmas. We got a Canon PowerShot A95. I think this camera is bloody excellent for the price. 5 mega pixels aswell as manual and automatic shooting modes. But that's enough of the camera geek talk I promise.

We was initially going to go to Castleton in the peak district to climb up Mam Tor, but when we got there the roads were completely covered in show and very icy. We parked up and started to get ready for a small walk, but the wind was blowing quite harshly and I really can't describe how cold it was there. Castleton is quite high up, so the wind chill was much more noticeable.

In the end we decided to give up on Castleton and drove somewhere else. We ended up at a place called Kerber Edge. Because we wasn't as high as Castleton, there was hardly any snow, so the walk was much more manageable.

I took the above picture just after we arrived at Curbar edge. We was just in time to catch the sun rise.

I took this next picture about 5 minutes later. The difference is amazing. I'm very happy with how these two pictures came out, as I would in no way consider my self a good photographer, but it's amazing to see the results you can get with a digital camera.

This is a picture of Neil taking a landscape shot. His camera is a very sturdy professional SLR, makes my A95 look quite inferior :-) I used to work with Neil at my last company, but Neil also does professional stock photography as a side line. Here is a link to his photos on the stock library Alamy.



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