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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Darrens Summer Party

Last night Me and Amanda went to Darrens summer party at his house in Ilkeston near Nottingham. A load of people I used to work with was there too, so it was good to catch up with all of them. Darren and his girlfriend Elly had hired a bouncy castle for the garden, which was top fun, although I started to feel quite sick jumping around on it after 5 cans of Stella. Some of the other guys were quite adventurous on it though and started doing all kinds of flips and moves. Not me though, I just jumped and fell over. No change there then.

They also had a swing ball game set up, which I think was meant for the kids, but people instead used it as a means of releasing their anger as the thing got quite a bashing. When Rob was playing he nearly destroyed half of the bush near the fence :-).

Me on the bouncy castle.

Amanda having fun on the castle.
I think she wants a bouncy castle of her own how.

Darren with Amanda at the end of the night before we went home.



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