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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rockstar games sued by crazy old lady

I just read this on a news site

July 27, 2005

Rockstar Sued Over Hidden GTA: San Andreas Content
After being roundly castigated by politicians and special interest groups, then having its game removed from store shelves following a rerating to Adults Only, Rockstar has now been sued over the "Hot Coffee" module normally inaccessible in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The plaintiff, 85-year-old Florence Cohen of New York, is alleging that Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games used false and deceptive practices in failing to disclose the sexual content of the game. Interestingly, Cohen apparently had no problem with the existing violence descriptors and M rating for 17 and up when purchasing the title for her 14-year-old grandson.

Despite this, attorney Lawrence D. Paskowitz, Cohen's attorney, insisted that parents would not buy adults-only software for their children. "They should really make sure this doesn't happen again," said Paskowitz. "The least this company can do is offer refunds." The amount of damages Cohen is seeking in the lawsuit has not been disclosed.

In addition to the lawsuit, Take-Two has released a statement confirming the previously announced Federal Trade Commission probe investigating its advertising practices for the title. Take-Two announced that it would comply fully with the investigation, saying: "Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive regret that consumers may have been exposed to content that was not intended to be accessible in the playable version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."

Is it just me that thinks this is totaly insane. I was reading a games industry forum earlier on and someone posted what I thought was a funny court room scenario. So thanks for this from fiendishmonotreme from the chaos engine forum.

Me: "Madam. You purchased GTA: San Andreas for your grandson, is that right?"

Old Lady: "Yes, for my Joey. He's such a good boy. The hidden game in it, it's so DREADFUL!"
Me: (using lower screen to check evidence) "HOLD IT!"
"Isn't it true that your grandson is only FOURTEEN?!"

Snippy Prosecution Guy: "Objection! What is the relevance of this?"

Me: (smoothly) "I will show the jury, sir!"

Judge: "I'll allow it. Madam, answer the question."

Old Lady: "Why, yes, yes he is."

Me: "Are you aware that previous to this, the game was rated M - for individuals 17 and up - and that the clerk at the store warned you about its violent and sexual content?"

Old Lady: "Well, yes, but -"

Me: "And have you SEEN the supposed 'dreadful' minigame that is unlocked by applying a mod you can get from the INTERNET... which, I may add, is the same place that has MANY things not appropriate for children... are you suggesting we legislate the Internet, madam?"

Snippy Prosecution Guy: (flustered) "Ob - OBJECTION!"

Me: (all cool-like) "Withdrawn. Madam, have you SEEN the game in question?"

Old Lady: (flustered) "Well I... I mean, I heard..."

Me: (slamming hands on table) "MADAM! Have you seen the minigame or not?"

Old Lady: "Well I, that is, I mean... no."

Me: (spinning around grandly) "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury! I ask you. Does this woman deserve a refund when she not only bought the game against the advice of the store that sold it to her for being TOO VIOLENT and TOO SEXUAL for her underage grandson, but is protesting against content she has NEVER SEEN?!" (whirls around grandly once more. The hot Head of my Law Firm is impressed, Snippy Prosecution Guy is huffing with frustration and rage, Old Lady is stammering, and Judge is smirking surreptitiously). "I have no more questions!"

Genius :-)



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