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Sunday, July 24, 2005

TheBreeding Returns

About 5 years ago, My self and a friend Mat Howlett worked on an industrial music project called theBreeding. The project was mainly studio based, so we was mainly creating the songs totally within the computer. Life being as it is, work ground to a halt for a bit. We were both made redundant from the company we was working at, and Mats wife Clare gave birth to their first child Max and as a result they decided to move back upto Hull from Buxton to be closer to family. Also Me and my wife was planning a wedding which consumed all immediate funds :-)

But now that we have nice broadband internet connections we have restarted work on a new EP of songs. Because of the speed of broad band I can work on sequenced backing track, send them to mat who can add guitars and vocals. We can bounce the tracks back to each other as many time as we like. This is a great way fo working, and I totally recommend other people to do internet music collaborations. We hope to have the first set of songs ready by the end of the year so keep an eye and ear out. Mat has created a small microsite for the band that will contain news and also has some snippets from out older songs.

But in the mean time, here are some screen shots of the first song in the set being created. This song is called Rise. Mat has also added a small work in progress mp3 snippet of this song to the website. The song is no where near finished, but you can get a picture of were we are headed.



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