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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hot Coffee in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Recently in the press it was reported that there is a game mod for GTA that unlocks a secret sex scene. This seems to have caused complete outrage to most straight laced people. Even the house of representatives have joined in and ordered a full inquiry into how these scenes got into the game. Now is it me, or do they have nothing better to do than berate this game.

For a start, the mini game in question was disabled in the original code, and it is because someone has reverse engineered the code that this has come to light. But I really don't see what the problem is. The game was age restricted anyway, so kids shouldn't have access to it. But the problem is as always that parents go out and buy them for their little jonny. Also stores should be controlling who the game is sold too. Now the game has been rated adult only, so who cares if there is a sex scene in the game. You can go onto the internet and download gigs of porn quicker than you can access the locked mini game in GTA.

I really don't think Rock Star games have done anything sinister. I personally reckon that they originally intended to have the mini game in there, but decided to cut it at the last minute. But to completely remove the code would result in the game requiring much more testing to make sure nothing got broken in the code, and with tight deadlines this is not acceptable. I work In the games industry so I know what the pressures are like.



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