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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Autumn Walk To Curbar Edge

It has been a few weeks since we went out for a country walk, and after 2 very busy weeks at work I really needed to get out of the house. Amanda's aunt Sandra also drove down this morning from Newcastle, as she likes going out for walks.

We met up with Neil and Caroline just after 10am and got the car loaded up. We was going to go to Castleton and do a walk near there, but we ended up doing the Curbar edge walk again as we didn't want to start the walk too late.

We started the walk about 11am. I was expecting the weather to be bad today, but luckily it was very sunny and warm. Not bad for November.

The walk was around 7 miles in length. The last time we did the walk, it was longer, but we changed the route this time and made it a little shorter. Still, 7 miles isn't bad :-)

We finished the walk around 3.30pm. On the way back we stopped at the new Sainsburies supermarket in Matlock and stocked up on beer and wine.

We were all quite knackered when we got back and very hungry. I made a big curry for dinner. Sandra brought up some Onion Bahgis which I warmed up too. We were completely stuffed afterwards.

I am typing this whilst everyone watches the X-Factor on TV. I personally can't stand the program. Not just this program, but any of these so called talent contests. All that is left for today is to drink lots of beer :-)



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