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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cavedale And Lots Of Wind

Today we went out for another walk with Neil and Caroline. The plan was to head up to Castleton again and do Cavedale, Mam Tor, and Loose hill. This would have been a total of 12 miles.

In the end we decided to reduce the walk too just Cavedale and Mam Tor as the other walk would have been a bit much, especially as the weather looked a little bad. If you want to see what this walk looks like when the weather is nice, check out when I did the walk before by clicking here.

We got to Neil and Carolines at 8am and headed off. By the time we got to Castleton it was a little drizzly and windy. This was ok though, we were prepared. We started the walk around 9.30.

After about half an hour of walking it started raining quite hard. Because it was so windy the rain was coming at us sideways. This really stings your face :-)

As we reached the foot of Mam Tor, the wind really started picking up. As we started our ascent it was getting really difficult to stay on your feet. No kidding, standing up was challenging.

Neil took the picture below on his camera phone. I wasn't putting my arm around Amanda to be romantic, it was to stop her blowing away in the wind. We started having second thoughts about going to the top of Mam Tor and the ridge as it would have been even windier up there.

We decided to go back down the hill and not carry on as we thought it would be far too dangerous with the sheer drop either side. It looked like lots of other walkers had the same idea, as some of the walkers we saw going up the hill, had turned around.

In the end we walked in front of the hill and back towards Castleton via Winnets Pass. We did around 6.5 miles in the end, so not bad. Knackered now though, gonna start dinner soon ;-)



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