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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Electronic Critters Multi Buy Special Offer

Over on the Sounds/To/Sample site we have a great multi pack discount on both Electronic Critters sample libraries. Instead of paying £39.98 we have reduced the price by 25% to £29.99.

Here is the sales info from Sounds/To/Sample:

Credit-crunch busting multisaver pack featuring the esteemed Electronic Critters and its new sequel Critters 2: Airwaves, boasting 1,500+ sounds and 3.5+GB worth of fx, glitches, radio slutmospherics, manipulations, bit-crushed reductions and ghostly spectral frequencies - all for just £30!

Picking up a 9/10 Computer Music review and gushing REMIX magazine accolades, these circuit-bent titles, offer dark soundscapes, atomic crackles, space-gongs, alien choirs and ethereal voxmospherics.

Sounds come courtesy of re-wired 1980s classic toys, including the legendary Speak&Spell, Major Morgan, Talk'n'Lights, Musical Insects and My Little Talking Computer, with all sounds on EC2: Airwaves coming from sampled radiophonic ambiences.

Ideal for all electronic genres, especially where there is a need to add ambience, fx or just inspiring source material to make into new loops, the Electronic Critters products also make an ideal collection for foley edits in TV and film.



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