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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mini Break to Tarragona

Yesterday Me and Amanda got back from a short 2 day trip to Tarragona in Spain. I had some time owing to me at work so I took the week off. We wasn't planning on going away anywhere but Amanda managed to get some stupidly cheap flights to Tarragona. The flights cost 1p per person each way. Can't argue with that. Even the hotel was cheap at 80Euros for the 2 nights.

We flew out early on Monday morning and was in the town centre of Tarragona by 9.30am. We started our sight seeing straight away by doing a tour of the Cathedral which was really impressive. From here we had a walk around town, got a coffee and then lunch.

After lunch we got a bus to the old Roman Aqua duct. This was about 15 minutes drive outside of town. Whilst there we got talking to an elderly German and Swiss couple. In the end we drove back to town with them and we all went out to a bar for a drink. The German chappy introduced me to a really nice drink which was 2 shots of brandy mixed with 2 shots of ouzo. Sounds horrid, but it actually tastes really nice.

After we parted company with the other couple we headed off to find our hotel which was a short walk outside of town. The hotel was really nice. It was very new and 4 star so was quite posh inside. Once we were at our room we relaxed for a bit as we had walked around so much we were shattered.

In the evening we went to the restaurant at the hotel which was really nice. After a good nights sleep we headed out again into town. We decided to get breakfast in town instead of the hotel so we could try some of the nice cafes.

After breakfast we went to the Roman Amphitheater, and then the Archeology museum. These were both quite interesting. This took most of the morning. Afterwards we went t a restaurant for lunch.

After lunch we took a walk down to the port and then went to another cafe for another coffee. Once we were done here we went to the Necropolis museum and then went to a local shopping centre.

The next morning we had to get up fairly early to get the flight back. We had breakfast first and then got a taxi to the airport. We had already checked into the flight online so we didn't really need to be at the airport early, but we still ended up being there 1.5 hours early. This gave Amanda a good chance to do some duty free shopping.

We were back in the UK by 11.30. So we drove home and was back by 2pm. 2 days was just the right amount of time to visit Tarragona. It was a nice welcomed trip away. The weather was nice at around 17-20 degrees. Just what we need as the winter weather starts to bite here in the UK.

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