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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shopping Cart

There have been quite a few changes that I have wanted to make to the Haunted House Records website for a while now. I have now completed the first few.

Firstly the whole concept of running Haunted House Records as a label isn't really working. Having the time to find and develop new artists is something that I just don't have the time to do. With the previous line up, Creature has done really well, but anything else released just has not made any impact what so-ever. So the first change is that HHR now only has 1 artist and that is Creature. The website is going more in the direction of a personal website that will represent my music work and sound design business. This will help me align my work with more advertising and licensing agencies, which is something I am starting to steer towards. The first of these being some film trailer work.

The second change I have made is the online shop. Previously the site just directed you to online digital retailers to buy downloads of my music, and I had links to CDBaby for the CD versions. Also with Electronic Critters I had a single buy button which just let you buy that one product. This was fine and served me very well, but now Electronic Critters 2 is nearly finished I wanted the shop to be more flexible. So now I have incorporated a full shopping cart model. This shopping cart is provided by PayPal and is now live on the website at this link.

For each product you can add it to the shopping cart, and then on the left hand side of the screen is a view cart button where you can check out. Postage is calculated based on what you have in the cart. Customers have the option of paying with a credit card / debit card, or by using their existing PayPal balance.

So these are the first of many changes, I hope you like them....



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