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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Electronic Critters 2 : Coming Soon

For more months than I care to remember I have been busily working on the 2nd edition of my Electronic Critters sample Library. The first edition was based on Circuit Bent children's toys. Electronic Critters 2 will be based on something different, which you can probably guess from the above image :-).

I will post with more details soon. I am nearly finished making the sound content. When that is done I need to get the demo and information up on the Haunted House Records site.

What I can tell you is it will have a lot of content on it. It will sound just as crazy as Electronic Critters 1, and will still only cost 19.99gbp. It will be available on DVD from Haunted House Records, CDBaby, direct from out distributor in the US, and also as a download from Sounds/To/Sample. Hopefully this new edition will be as popular as the first :-)



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