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Saturday, August 23, 2008


Last weekend I had to go into work all day Saturday and half of Sunday as I have a project nearing completion. Amanda came and met me at work on the Sunday and we drove off to Dovedale for a walk.

Dovedale is one of the more touristy paces in Derbyshire so the first couple of miles were quite busy with people. But the route we took soon got us away from everyone else. The weather was mainly good although it did rain for about 5 minutes.

All in all we was walking for about 4 hours. The walk was quite easy until the last but where you have to shimmy across the side of this hill which we thought was quite dangerous. We thought we had gone wrong with the instructions but we met a few other people who were doing the same walk as well.

I would have written this up earlier but this week has been very busy indeed at work so by the time I have been getting home I was too tired to bother downloading the photos :-) We haven't got a huge amount planned on this bank holiday weekend. Tomorrow we are going to a county show with Neil and Caroline. Neil tells me they have a dancing diggers show every year so I am looking forward to seeing that. We will probably do another walk on Monday too. Something a little further afield and more challenging I think.



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