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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birds of Prey

After our walk to Derwent Edge yesteray we stopped off at the Rowsley shopping centre near Bakewell to look around the shops. Whilst there we saw a stand showing off some birds of prey. They were collecting money for their charity.

In return for a small donation you could hold one of the owls. The owl we held was called Muggle and is from India. First Sharon had a go, then Aamanda, and then Me.

The owl was quite heavy, you couldn't hold him for too long. Even though you got to wear a leather glove you could still feel his talons as they were very sharp. Ideal for tearing his prey to shreds.

This little demonstration was also a good chance to try and get some nice pictures. I am really pleased with the photo above. I caught him looking at me just at the right time.

This was a nice surprise to round off a good day walking (the ankle spraining wasn't to great though). We had all earned a good fish and chips dinner and a few drinks :-)



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