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Monday, May 19, 2008

Walk Around Matlock and Cromford

After trying lots cheese and chutneys at the food festival on Saturday we went for a walk with Neil and Caroline. We kept it fairly local and did a walk around Matlock and Cromford.

We set off about 9.30 in Cromford. There was a fair amount of walking up hills in this walk. The most difficult bit was walking up near the heights of abraham in Matlock Bath. Shouldn't complain though, it's all good exercise.

The total walk was around 8 miles in the end. Not bad going really. As we got back into Cromford Amanda and Caroline found a little stall selling pots of herbs and chilli plants, so we got a load of them. They only cost 25p per pot, so not bad.

The best part of the walk was climbing to the top of the Black Rock in Cromford. The view was stunning and the weather was nice. You could see a good view of Matlock from there. Unfortunately though to the left was 2 huge quarry pits which where a blot on the landscape.



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