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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Derwent Edge. We Can See Where We Are Going This Time!!

The weather this past week has been amazing. Well especially for England. It has been a bit of a stress full week. At work I had an internal interview for a new position which involved a lot of preparation, but luckily, both interviews were done Friday so I didn't have to worry about it over the weekend.

We planned to do a walk at Kinder Scout today, We starting driving up there around 7am, but as we got near the start of the walk we found out one of the roads was closed. The diverted route took us out near Ladybower reservoir. So as a last minute snap decision we decided to do Derwent Edge again.

The last time we did this walk was with Neil and the weather was quite bad. It was so foggy that you couldn't see 50 feet in front of you. Which was a shame as the scenery around this area is really breath taking. Luckily today, the scenery didn't disappoint.

We started the walk about 9am, and the walk, according to the book, is around 7.5 miles, although the GPS said 8.6 miles by the end. The temperature today must have been in the mid 20's. It was really nice. I was certainly glad I wore shorts.

After a particularly rubbish week at work, getting out into the country for a good 5 hours was really great. It was also good to burn off the dinner Amanda made the night before. Every 3 weeks we have what we call our Master Chef night. This is when we take it in turns to cook a really posh meal. Last night was Amanda's turn as we had scollop's for a starter and pan fried duck for main course. For a dessert we had a Lemon, creamy star burst, which was amazing.

The whole walk took us just under 5 hours, and we was rewarded with a nice ice cream once we got back to the visitors centre. Once we got back to the car we drove to rowsley as I needed to get some new shoes for work as my other shoes were looking a bit tatty.

We got back home just after 4pm. We sat down and had a few drink, then I started dinner. Yesterday in Belper we had our monthly farmers market, so we bought a big tub of field mushrooms. I made us a nice mushroom risotto for dinner and it was great.

All we have planned latter is to watch the last pirates of the Caribbean film and then watch lost. Then tomorrow it is back to the office :-)...



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