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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sound Mangling Tools : Part 2

The other day I started an entry about sound mangling tools, and I started off with Audio Paint. I didn't really get time to put an example together earlier in the week, so I have done one now. As stated before, Audio Paint, turns images into sound. The length of an image depicts time, and the height of the image determines how many oscillators are used. The image I used below was 8000 pixels by 4000 pixels.

I rendered out 2 sound files, the first was the normal image and the second was the same image, but darkened and the colors tweaked in photo shop.

If you click this link you hear a sound example. The first sound byte is from the first image. The second sound byte is the second image. The remaining examples are composits of the original 2 sound files with extra effects applied to them in Ableton Live.



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