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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Electronic Critters Merchandise

Things have been quite busy with the Electronic Critters Sample DVD release. I have just signed a contract with a large sample disc provider. I have signed up with them for the online distribution rights to Electronic Critters. This means they will handle all the download sales for Critters aswell as marketting and promotion. The company selling the disc is Sample Magic, via their new online portal, Sounds To Sample.

We have been sorting out the contracts for the past month or so, and today I recieved the final signed contract back from them, so hopefully Critters will be available to buy as a download very soon.

Also in the world of Electronic Critters, I have launched the first out of hopefully many Circuit Bending T-Shirt lines. The first design is called, 'Speak Not Spell' and is available from the Haunted House Records website via CafePress.

There are lots of different garments you can get with the design on, ranging from value T-Shirts, through to Baseball Jerseys and Sweatshirts. We also offer garment fits for women too. Finally you can get a Messenger bag, see below, with the design on.

All garments are printed to order and dispatched from the USA. We are hoping to have some new designs made for us very soon :-)



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