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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Return Of Wolfscote Dale

Last Sunday Me and Amanda went out for another walk. I was already quite knackered from the past week as I had been to the Gym on Thursday, Friday, and for 2 hours Saturday morning whilst Amanda took the car to the garage. I was determined to go out for another walk though.

We decided to do another walk near Wolfescote Dale near Buxton. This is the same area we went to last week, but a different route. Only about half a mile of this route was shared with last weeks walk. We set off around 10 after a well deserved lie in.

When we started the walk it was a little chili and windy. Not as windy as the previous night though where it was blowing a gale. After about 30 minutes of walking though we soon warmed up.

This walk wasn' t that difficult. There was only one section of a hill to climb and the rest was fairly flat. It was quite muddy though. The entire route was around 7.5 miles. We picked the route out of the pathfinder book. This book was actually quite good. The instructions seem much better than the AA book. Another thing we like about this book is it has the route drawn out on top of the relevant section of the OS map. So if you do get a little lost, which we did on one occasion, you can get a GPS reading and check it in the book easily enough. Saves on having to use the full OS map.

All in all the walk took about 4 hours. I was knackered afterwards though due to going to the gym so much the previous week. To make things worse, I also had a Kick Boxing class Monday lunch time. Today though I didn't go to the gym. I just stuck around work and didn't do very much. :-)



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