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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Amandas Birthday Meal

This weekend was Amandas 30th birthday so we was up at her families for a meal on Saturday night. Amanda booked a large table at the Original Masons pub near by for 7.30pm. Early evening everyone got ready and there was the usual scramble for the bathroom.

At 7pm Angela loaded us all into her land rover and drove us all to the pub. We got there dead on 7.30 and met up with Amandas Brother, Nan and Grandad, Aunt and Cousen. We all got seated and decided what we wanted and ordered drinks.

The service was a little slow as it took over an hour for the starters to turn up, but the food was nice when it arrived. I had pate for starter and a sea food salad for my main course. Amanda had a risotto for starter and salmon for her main.

The delay wasn't to bad though as we all had plenty of drinks :-) For some reason, which I forget, a load of us started trying to balance spoons on our noses. Can't remember why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time ;-)

All in all a good night. A little destructive on the diet, but a few days off wont hurt to much. I thought I would have a hang over in the morning, but I felt amazingly fine which was good as we had to drive back to Derby.

We left around 10.30 in the morning and got back to Belper about 2. Headed to the super market and then went home. Not done a huge lot this afternoon except give the house a quick tidy. Best think about what we are having for dinner soon.

Nothing to fancy or complicated as we want a reasonably early night tonight as Amanda had to drive to south Wales tomorrow morning for work.

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