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Friday, February 15, 2008

Glitched Audio As An Effect

One of my personal favourite effects to use when writing a Creature record is that of glitching. This is when you get say a drum loop and make it sound broken and well, glitchy. I have 4 main tools in my arsensal for doing this.

First, and most traditionally, I just zoom into a wave form and cut bits out and re-arrange them. This give the most immediate and broken, wonky sound.

Another technique for glitching up a sound is by using Ableton Lives own built in glitch tool called Beat Repeat. This gives some great sound. I tend to use this quite alot on one of the effects sends and then mix it back into the original track on the master bus.

Another favourite plug in is a commercial plugin called Replicant by Audio Damage. This plugin has its own very distinct sound. You can set glitch trigger points on the big circle in the centre of the screen. This plugin is very good value. It only costs $49. So in real money, ie pounds sterling, that is about £25. Hurray for the dollar being so rubbish at the moment. This is availble both on PC and Mac.

The third tool is a freeware plugin called Glitch by dBlue. This plugin is totally Free, and is available on PC only. So hard luck Mac users. Not that this bothers me as I use PC's. This plugin has all sorts of interesting effects you can select over a timeline, including very cheesy tape stops and rewinds which I don't use, as they sound shit. The rest of the plugin is fantastic though.

These are my main glitch tools. Sometimes, to really mess things up, I will use all the techniques at once, but more often than not, I do something a little more subtle. These all work very well on effects sends.

So that's how it is done.



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