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Monday, January 07, 2008

A Very Steep Walk Near Ladybower

On Sunday Me and Amanda went out for another walk with Neil and this time Caroline came along. We went back to Ladybower reservoir where we was the other week.

This time instead of going up Derwent Edge we was on the other side of the reservoir up near Alport Castle. The night before the walk Neil checked out the walk in the book, the AA peak district book. The book reckoned the walk was around 8 miles with an ascent of around 600 meters.

Neil checked on the map and reckoned the walk would be longer and steeper, and going by the AA books past experiences they do tend to under estimate the walks, so we was prepared for this walk being a little "challenging!".

Sunday was another early rise, we left the house and got to Neil and Carolines house for 8am. It was very cold out. It doesn't fill you full of joy when you are about to go for a walk and you have to defrost the car.

The drive took a little longer than usual as we went the A6 route instead of the shorter route. This was because the roads were icy.

We started the walk about 9.40 and right from the start we was walking up a steep hill. This would be a re-occurring theme of the walk :-)

Once we got to the top of the edge, it really did start getting windy, to the point where it nearly blows you off your feet and taking a photo was difficult as you can't hold the camera straight. Today was a good day for taking pictures though.

In the morning there was lots of interesting clouds and some decent light which created a really nice warm glow across the landscape. I think Neil would have liked to have his tripod with him to get some of his pro shots.

Once we climbed down from the edge we walked a little further and around 12 we had lunch in a sheltered area. Not long after lunch the weather picked up quite a bit and the clouds disappeared to reveal a nice blue sky. It felt more like a spring day.

By about 2pm our legs where starting to ache alot. The thing that makes this walk hard is that once you have climbed a tall hill, you then go down the other side and the up another hill. In total we had to climb 3 large hills. This was turning out to be a really challenging walk, certainly the hardest walk Me and Amanda had done since Kinder Scout last year.

The walk may have been tough but it was a good day for pictures. As I said above the light all day was really good. This walk was also good for helping burn off a bit of that Christmas excess weight.

The whole walk took us 6 hours!!! The light was starting to disappear by the time we got back to the car. Once we had got changed, Neil checked the GPS. We had done over 10 miles and 900 meters ascent. So the book was out by quite a lot. Oh well, we all enjoyed it.

Once we got back, I got dinner ready as quickly as possible, then had a bath and went to bed. I was even too tired to do my blog entry, so I must have been tired. I was going to go to the gym today at lunch time, but I didn't bother as my legs were still aching. I will go tomorrow instead.

So far this years walks have gone well. We are going out again with Neil and Caroline next weekend. Most probably on the Sunday. I think we are planning to do another challenging edge walk.



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