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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Good Food Show and Gordon Ramsey

Today Me and Amanda went to the Good Food Live show at the Birmingham NEC. We have had the tickets booked for quite a while now. Amanda got them through the company that she works for.

We was originally going to drive to her Birmingham office and go to the show from there, but we was told you get to try lots of wine, spirits and beers at the show so we got the train instead. We got to Belper station for 8am to get our train into Derby. Once there we got the train to Birmingham, the train was absolutely packed. Most people were going to the show also.

We got there about 10.30 and went into the main exhibition. There was lots of stuff to see from cookware, knives etc to different kinds of foods. By the time we got to the wine tasting section we were both quite full from all the different samples you could try. When you enter the show, you can buy a wine glass to carry around with you for the tasting. By 1pm we were both quite tipsy.

At 1 we went to a Thai restaurant stand and got some red and green curry. We wanted to get lunch done quickly as at 2pm we had to go to the main theatre at the show ready to see Gordon Ramsey. The auditorium was massive, there were thousands of people in there.

Before Gordon came out to start his cooking demonstration, the BBC producer announced that there would no doubt be strong language and if anyone is offended to leave :-)

The demonstration was quite good and very funny. The camera man on stage seemed to also be a part of the act, as at any chance he could he messed around winding up Gordon by zooming in on the Sainsburies logos on the produce. It was Sainsburies who sponsored the show.

Gordon cooked, a Chorizo and pepper soup, steak with caramelized red onion, port and turnip, and a Teramasu dessert. They all looked nice. After the show we walked around the show a little more, tried some more wines. We didn't really buy much, except a professional knife sharpener and a rubber headed mop, don't ask!!!!

The show was definitely worth the visit. Gordon's show was very funny and interesting to watch. I was pleased with the photos I got. I used the image stabilizer on our new camera, so I didn't have to use the flash. That coupled with the decent zoomed worked out pretty good as we was sitting roughly in the middle of the auditorium.

The train back was very busy, but once we got back to Belper we got a taxi back to the house. They are running this show again in the summer. We have already said we will go again :-)



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