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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day Walk and Bingo

This boxing day we was up in Newcastle for dinner at Amandas Mums house. In the morning we decided to go for a walk with Amandas Aunt and her son Oliver.

The walk was near Simonside where we did a walk back in October. We got to Rothbury about 10.30 to start the walk. The walk was a fairly easy one, 5 miles in length but not too steep. It was very cold though.

The whole walk took about 3 hours to complete and by the time we got back to the car everyone was quite hungry, especially Oliver who was looking forward to chocolate cake with dinner. :-)

Once back to the house we got changed and everyone had turned up for dinner. For dinner we had prawns for a starter and ham and turkey for main. For dessert we had a Mississippi mud pie that Amanda got from Costco a few days earlier.

In the evening we played the traditional family game of bingo. Most people contributed prizes for the bingo. All the prizes are not supposed to be worth more than a pound, so they were all quite silly :).

The game went on for a good few hours. I won a pack of cards and a laser pointer. Below are a series of photos from the game.

After we had finished the bingo most of us watched TV for a bit. We didn't have too much of a late night as we had to drive back to Derby the next day as I had to go to work.

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