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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Derwent Edge and Ladybower Reservoir

Whilst most of the country was lying in bed nursing a rotten hangover Me, Amanda and Neil went out for a walk. A really long walk. We met at Neils for 8am and headed to Derwent
Edge next to Ladybower Reservoir.

We were ready to start walking around 9.30. The weather was fairly dry and not too cold, but it was very foggy. This was a shame as from the top of derwent edge the views are supposed to be stunning but we couldn't really see more than 100 feet in front of us.

The first quarter of the walk had a huge bloody great big hill to climb to get to the top of the edge. This nearly killed us, but we kept on reminding ourselves that it would help burn off some of that extra Christmas weight :-)

The whole walk took us around 5 hours and we covered 9 miles so we feel quite proud of ourselves doing this on new years day. We definitely want to come back and do the walk again though when it is clearer as I reckon I would get some great photos of Ladybower Reservoir from the top.

By the time we got back to the car we were knackered. We had something to eat and a coffee and then Neil drove back to Belper. Neil had Depeche Modes latest album blaring out of the stereo to keep us awake.

I think we have earned the right to sit in front of the TV and do bugger all tonight. Hopefully my legs will stop aching before I have to go back into work tomorrow. We are going on another walk with Neil and Caroline on Sunday to the same area but a different hill. This one will be around 8 miles, but has a steeper hill apparently...



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