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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Magpie Mine Walk

Last night Neil and Caroline came around for dinner. Amanda made a Chorizo, tomato and pasta starter and a Chocolate, banana and hazelnut brownie for dessert. For the main course I made a lamb, cranberry and ginger casserole.

We also got through a truck load of wine and beer. I had a horrid hangover this morning which made it difficult to get up, especially as we was going out for a walk. We met Neil at his house at 9am and headed off for the walk. The walk is near Monsale Dale which we did earlier on in the year.

We drove to Ashford in the water to start the walk. The route was 7 miles total. It was quite cold today, but not too uncomfortable. Luckily it didn't rain like it did yesterday. Caroline didn't come on the walk as she was feeling ill.

The first part of the walk was quite steep, it was also made harder because it was very muddy. It was probably the muddiest walk we have done all year. Good job we was prepared...

Just over half way round the walk we arrived at the Magpie Mine. This is an old mine shaft with a winch house. The place is in ruin now, well the original winch house anyway. There is another winch behind this but it hasn't been used since the 1950's.

I really like the corroded steel rope picture I took below, This would make an interesting texture for an album cover I think. I'll have to make a mental note of that for later in the year...

Towards the end of the walk we reached the most muddiest part. We were ankle deep in mud for quite a few miles. This made it quite hard and slow to walk through. We completed the walk in around 4 hours.

All of us were knackered by the time we had finished. After we drove back to Neil and Caroline's house we popped in for a cup of coffee and some biscuits. We all needed the energy. Once we got back home Amanda started the dinner. We had left over casserole from last night.

I'm back in work tomorrow, booooo, but I am looking forward to new years eve. We are planning on having a quite night in, then on new years day we will probably go out for another walk with Neil. We need to work off the Christmas calories :-)



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