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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Haunted House Records Albums Available Directly

For a while now I have been investigating ways where we at Haunted House Records can sell album downloads direct from the website, thus enabling royalties to directly go to the artists and not the pockets of big evil corporations.

Although I am a software developer by day, the fact is I just wouldn’t have time to implement a full shopping cart system on the Haunted House Records website. After much research I narrowed the options down to 2 service providers, PayLoadz and Musicane.

After some experiments I decided to use Musicane. So why is this?

  1. The integrated shopping cart they provide is flash based and therefore easy to integrate into the website, or a myspace page.
  2. The listener can preview all the tracks from the album within the player as lower quality streams, so they can try before they buy. With so much music out there I think this is important.
  3. The shopping cart offers a safe and secure way to take credit card payments. Musicane handle all the card processing so we at the label never have to deal with anyones credit card details.
  4. The card allows customers to sign up as affiliate sellers and embed the shop onto their website and earn 10% commission on sales.

Point 4 with the reseller program was the main clincher and I think Musican’s killer app. A feature like this would hopefully allow us to go viral, thats the plan anyway.

So without further delay, here is our new online shop below. Cool eh?

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