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Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Ford Focus Advert

Over here in the UK, the Ford Motor Company has been showing a new TV commercial for their new Ford Focus car. From a musical perspective this advert is really good. Ford hired an experimental music group to make musical instruments out of 2 cars. They litterally shipped 2 brand new Ford Focuses over to LA, where the cars were stripped down and turned into a chamber ensemble.

Peter Kirn over at has interviewed the people who put the advert together. Yes they are real instruments!!! I thought it was quite impressive. You can read the interviews here:

Part 1: Interview: Building a Musical Ensemble Out of Ford Focus Car Parts

Part 2: Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Ford Car Part Musical Ensemble

There are videos aswell including a specially edited 3 minute extended version of the advert. Impressive stuff...



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