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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bakewell to Chatsworth Walk

Yesterday Me and Amanda went on another walk with Neil and Caroline. We was due to do another edge walk today, but because rain was forecast we did a walk yesterday. We didn't do the ridge walk though as it was very very cold up there so Neil picked a walk from Bakewell to Chatsworth.

We got to Neil and Carolines around 8.30 and set off for Bakewell. By 9.30 we were ready and had started the walk. Unfortunately we took a wrong turn pretty much straight away and went the wrong way. By the time we realised and corrected ourselves we had added another 1.5 miles to the walk. Not that I minded, it all goes towards the weight loss :-)

This walk is quite flat compared to the walk we did last week. This was a good thing as it took most of us a while to recover from the previous walk so no one minded doing an easier one. The only bit of ascent was a small hill at the beginning.

The main thing that made this walk challenging was the wading through thick mud. It has been raining the past few days so the ground was very wet and claggy.

As we got about half way around the walk Me and Amanda recognised part of the route as we had done a similar walk around the Chatsworth estate last year. We stopped and had our lunch about 12 and then pressed on along the river.

The last challenging bit of the walk was near the end on the way back to Bakewell. There was a steep hill we had to climb down. This is normally not a problem, but it was wet, slippery and muddy, so this took a while. We finished the walk about 3pm and went back to Neil and Carolines for a coffee.

Unfortunately part way through the walk Amandas reasonably new walking shoes failed her and they let in water through the so called waterproof layer. They were not particularly expensive as Amanda only started hill walking last year, but we went out to Derby today to get her a new pair. My boots are leather ones from the shop Blacks. They have a simpatex lining and I have had them for about 3 years. They are still going strong and have never let in any water, so we decided to get Amanda the female equivalent to my boots. They had them in stock and £60 lighter in the pocket we took them home :-)

It has been a fairly lazy afternoon, we did some housework and now I am making dinner. Just have another week in the office to get through before we can go out for another walk. I need to go into Derby this week as I want to replace my Gaters (those silly looking things we wear around the bottom of our legs to keep us waterproof). My ones are getting a little tight, and I have had them 3 years so they are due for replacing.



  • Hi,

    Nice blog - I was thinking of doing the Bakewell to Chatsworth walk in a couple of weeks. There's a few different ones out their by the looks of it - would you be willing to share your route details?


    By Blogger Clare-Louise Evans, at 3:24 pm  

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