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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter Time At Kerber edge

I have been a bit lazy recently when it comes to updating this blog. There has been no particular reason other than I'm lazy. I'm starting off with a write up of a walk we did the other week.

We went back to Kerber Edge with Neil and Caroline for a reasonably short walk. The walk was 6 miles in length, and relativly flat. We met Neil and Caroline at there for 8.30 and set off. Once we had got ready we started the walk.

Even though it was 6 miles we steam around and was complete within 2.5 hours. Not bad eh? :-) We didn't even stop for our lunch. So once we got back to the car we drove to Baslow and parked up in a carpark and had our sandwiches there.

This is the last walk for a few weeks as we have a lot of stuff planned over the next few weeks. We was going to go and do one today, but seeing as the weather was no nice, I went out and trimmed the hedge around the house. Not my first choice of tasks, but there you go...



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