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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oxygene Remastered

Today was a bit of a treat. One of our newspapers, the Mail on Sunday, gave away the complete remastered version of Jean Michel Jarres, Oxygene album. I was quite keen to get this so I got my self into down before lunch to pick up a copy before they sold out. Not bad, a full decent electronic album for £1.50. The newspaper is complete bollocks but the CD is good.

I was massively into Jarre when I was younger. It was Jarre's cd's that got me into electronic music in the first place. I remember my parents buying me the complete box set of CD's for Christmas once. I must see If my Dad still has the discs.

I think I am going to have to get all of his albums on my mp3 player and rediscover some of his music again. It's been a long time :-)

The whole album has been re-recorded in all it's analog glory at 24bit using Jarres old collection of vintage synths, and the re-recordings sound amazing. Even Amanda quite liked it when we put it on the car CD player earlier. Bonus :-)

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