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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Longshaw and Padley Gorge Walk

Yesterday we went for another walk with Neil and Caroline. Neils Dad also came along as he was visiting this weekend. We was originally supposed to go for the walk today, but Neil checked the weather and it was more stable yesterday.

Neil picked a shorter walk of 5 miles, although the real length was about 6, so still a good distance to walk. The walk was on the Longshawe estate out near the Castleton again. We got to their house for 8.30 and set off as usual.

After a little confusion with the maps, the OS map said one thing and the road map another, we arrived at the car park and got ready. The sky looked very menacing as if it was going to start pissing down straight away, but it held off. We fully expected to get very wet towards the end of this walk so we went prepared.

Luckily the rain held off completely until late afternoon so we got around the whole walk dry. Well, dry-ish. The ground was very muddy, the rivers very high and we had to walk through some streams that had formed after the huge amount of rain the past week.

The first half of the walk was quite flat so didn't pose too much of a challenge. After we had lunch the next part of the walk started going up a hill. Total ascent was around 250 meters, so not too bad really. My legs were still tired afterwards though. I had been to the gym a lot during the week though, so I think I was still a little tired form that.

We have had some good walks this year so far. Mine and Amanda's total country walking mileage is now at 35 miles which isn't to shabby. We indend on doing a lot more this year. Amanda has now been walking over a year and is really enjoying it. In fact it is Amanda who nags me to drag my arse out of bed early to go walking :-)

Today we took it easy. The only task we had to do was tidy out the kitchen cupboards and take all the old kitchen gadgets and crap we have collated over the years to the dump. Out cupboards can now breath a sigh of relief :-)



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