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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Up North For Amandas Birthday

On Friday it was Amanda's 30th birthday. We both booked the Friday off so we could drive up to Amandas families near NewCastle. On the Friday evening Amanda wanted to cook a dinner for her family.

For dinner we made a pasta and chorizo for the starter, a beef stew for the main course and a pineapple and coconut pavlova for desert. We prepared the main course the evenine before so it would be easier to cook when we got to Amandas Mums.

On Saturday we didn't have anything planned, so in the afternoon Me and Amanda went out for a drive. We decided to goto the coast at Blyth. Good excuse to go out with the camera. The shot above was me being all arty and abstract :-) I call it, "big orange blob obscuring the view".

Whilst there we decided to get some fish and chips. Well we actually had fish cakes and chips. They were nice. Not had chips by the sea in ages.

We didn't stay there for too long as there wasn't really much around so after a short walk we headed back to the car and went back to the house. We just sat around for the rest of the afternoon until we got ready to go out for Amandas birthday meal.

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