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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Electronic Critters Sample CD

Way back at the beginning of last year when I was planning the Distant Horizon album I started a marathon circuit bending spree over 4 months. The intention was to use a lot of the sound samples from this in the making of the album.

After I had made lots of circuit bent recordings, I chopped up all the sounds and started processing them with weird and wonderful effects. This created some really quite bizarre and alien noises which featured heavily on the album.

That whole process was so much fun, I carried on making circuit bent samples and also carried on with the processing of them. I then decided that these would be interesting to release as a sample CD for other electronic musicians.

Well, I am nearly at the end of the project. All the samples are finished, I just have to compile the final DVD image. The disc will contain over 700 raw circuit bent samples and over 250 processed alien sounding textures and atmospheres. All samples will be provided in both 16bit and 24bit wav file formats.

Also on the disc will be a free creature promotional album. I have registered the domain name for the sample cd. This is I just need to build the site. Once this is done I will put the sample pack up for pre-order. The prices are not set in stone yet, but I am looking at around £20 for the pre-order special offer, and £25 for the final disc once it is released.

More information plus some example sounds will be posted soon.

The new website I am going to put together to support this disc will also hopefully bloom into a more in-depth resource for circuit benders.



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