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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Walk Around Manifold Valley

Me and Amanda went for another walk today. Like the last 2 weeks we had a lie in and set off at 10am. This week the walk was too Manifold Valley. This is in the same area as Wolfescot Dale, it's just up the A515 from Ashbourne.

The weather was quite good when we started the walk, but it started to turn a little nasty for about an hour when it rained. But after that it was ok. Todays walk was quite scenic. Especially when high up on a hill.

The whole route was about 6.5 miles and took 4 hours to complete. It wasn't to challenging, it did get steep in parts though, especially near the end when you can take a short detour up a hill to a cave, which naturally we had to check out :-).

This walk was also out of the PathFinder book, and again the instructions were very clear. Map reading duty was left to Amanda again though as she is quite good at it.

We stopped for lunch about half way through. We found a nice little area near the back of a dis-used barn which was sheltered from the wind.

I would definitely do this walk again. I think it would be good during the summer with some decent blue skies, although the clouds looked really interesting in the photos I think.

We were both tired after the walk, but not as tired as usual for some reason. When we got home I started dinner pretty much straight away and we just flaked out in front of the TV.

At 9 we watched Lost, and as usual the plot veered off in all sorts of directions. We will be going for another walk next week. I think we are doing this one with Neil and Caroline. The walk next week will be the last we do for a couple of weeks.

I think we was lucky with the weather for this walk as the whole country has been forecast for some storms. Hopefully the bad weather will be out of the way by next weekend.



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