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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The London Science Museum

We have just got back from a weekend away in London. Ages ago we booked tickets to go and see the west end musical, Dirty Dancing. This trip was for Amanda's birthday. Her birthday was actually in February, but this weekend was the only time we could get tickets.

On Friday we drove down to my parents and spent the evening there. I also took the time to help my Dad with a book he was writing. On Saturday my Sister gave us a lift to the station and we headed off into London. We thought it would be good to visit the Science Museum during the day, so we got the train to South Kensington.

There was lots of interesting exhibitions at the museum, including lots of stuff about the history of medicine. There was also a good aeroplane displace, space exhibit, and information on the history of computing. The photo below shows the rebuilt difference engine created by Charles Babbage.

The main highlight of the museum visit for me was an audio art exhibit which featured text from 1000's of real time chat room, synthesised into speech. More on this in another post though.

Once we had finished at the museum we got the train to Kings Cross where our hotel was. The hotel wasn't anything fancy, but not bad for £26 for the night. Once there we got ready and headed out on the train Holborn where the theatre was. We got dinner and then went to the show.



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