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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bolsover Food Festival

Today Me and Amanda, along with Neil and Caroline went to the Derbyshire food festival at Bolsover Castle near Chesterfield. We have been planning to go there for months now. Neil and Caroline picked us up at 9.30. We decided to take our walking boots as the festival was outside and the weather was forecast for rain.

At the festival there was all the usual local food producers with their stalls. You could buy such food items as cheeses, jams and pickles, meat and alcohol. We bought a nice quiche, a load of asparagus and some chutney.

We also found a stall selling nice terracotta kitchen ware. We have been talking about getting a decent Tagine pot for a while, so we decided to get one. Neil and Caroline also bought one. Amanda managed to get us a 10% discount from the seller because we was buying 2 of them.

The festival itself was a lot smaller than I was expecting. Although it was certainly bigger than the Belper food festival we went to last year. After we had looked around the stalls a couple of times we got a coffee and something to eat and then went for a little walk around the castle grounds.

Inside the castle grounds there were some medieval craft demonstrations. One of them was carving bowls from beach wood and another one was a traditional iron forge and metal works.

By the time we had looked around, it started to rain, so that was a good time to head back to the car park. It was a good festival, and it only cost £2.50 to get in. As I said, it was smaller than I was expecting, but we had a good time. I don't even need lunch as I tried lots of different things there :-)

We don't have a lot planned this afternoon except relaxing. It has been a busy week so we just want to chill out today. We might go for a walk tomorrow though. I might make a tagine tomorrow night so we can play with out new terracotta pot :-)



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