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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Yesterday Me and Amanda drove up to Preston for her old school friends, Carolines, 30th birthday party. The party was at the cricket club and we stayed in the Ibis hotel which was pretty much next door.

Amanda's other school friend Kim and her husband Graham where there also so we spent a lot of time chatting to them. Preston is only a short drive away from Blackpool, so Me and Amanda, Kim and Graham decided to meet up the next day around 11am. We thought we may as well make a weekend out of the trip instead of going straight back home.

We were nursing hang overs this morning after a full on night of boozing at the party, so the COLD sea wind helped blow out the cobwebs. I have never been to Blackpool before, well, not that I can remember anyway. I think it is safe to say Blackpool has a certain rustic charm, with a capital Rust :-) It was just how I imagined it, very cheesy and like something out of a Peter Kay sketch. But there was definitely a fun ambiance in the air.

We took a walk down to the pleasure beach for a look around. We decided not to get the day pass as it costs £27 each and we wasn't going to be there long enough to make decent use of them, but we had a good look around. I was feeling a little too rough to go on a roller coaster as well, although I didn't admit this at the time. :-)

After walking around the pleasure beach we got some fish and chips and walked along the sea front braving the very bracing breeze (force 10 gale). We then went into one of the amusement arcades (FunLand) for a bit, where Amanda played some fruit machine and we then spent some time shoving 2p's into a machine. It was more fun than it sounds, Kim managed to win about 6 key rings. I suspect she has spent a lot of time before playing these machines :-)
After a nice warming cup of coffee we all went our separate ways for the drive home. We are both knackered. Amanda has had an early night already and I don't think I am far off. Good weekend though, relaxing and fun. I would like to go back to Blackpool for a weekend as the pleasure beach has some really mean looking roller coasters and Me and Amanda do love white knuckle rides!!!



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