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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Walk Near Goyt Valley

Today we managed to go out for a walk. This is the first walk we have done for quite a few weeks, so we was really looking forward to it. We went with Neil and Caroline, but they have done a lot more walks recently as they went on holiday to the Lake District a few weeks ago.

We was planning to do a walk near Kinder Scout, but as we drove closer to it, the weather started looking as if it would get quite bad, and we didn't want to be up there if the weather turned. So we went and done a walk near Goyt Valley in Buxton instead.

By the time we got started on the walk it was about 11.30am. A little later than we would normally start, but not really a problem. The weather was a little miserable and windy, but nothing we couldn't handle. About half way around the walk the weather turned for the worse and it rain really hard for a good couple of hours.

The rain was unrelenting. Luckily we took full water proofs, but it still was not pleasant :-) Great British weather eh!! The total walk was around 7.5 miles and we were all really tired afterwards. But it is all good exercise. There was quite a lot of ascent on this walk, especially near the end.

We got back to Neil and Carolines about 4.30 for a well deserved cup of coffee and some chocolate :-) We don't intend on doing much tonight, except lazing in front of the TV. Back to work tomorrow, but I have a kick boxing lesson at lunch time so I am looking forward to that.



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