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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Walk through Wolfscote Dale

We had quite a busy weekend last weekend. On Saturday our friends Neil and Caroline came around for dinner. Amanda cooked, she made a nice quiche for starters, then duck and apple lentels for a main followed by creme catalana for dessert. All was very tasty.

On Sunday we went out for a walk with Neil and Caroline. We went to Wolfescote Dale. Me and Amanda have been here a few times earlier in the year, but the weather was nicer this time. We started the walk around 10.30. The total distance covered was around 8.5 - 9 miles. We are not quite sure as the GPS ran out of batteries part way around and Neil wasn't sure how long it had been off. Not for too long though.

The walk generally wasn't that difficult, but we were all knackered at the end of it. When we got back we was a bit to late to go shopping at the supermarket as we hadn't got anything in for dinner, but luckily the co-op in Duffield opens late on a Sunday.

By the time we got back we were both shattered. Just been a busy week. Didn't really do much in the evening except watch some tv and then go to bed early.

Was nice to get out for a walk though. Hopefully we will get to do one again next Sunday, if the weather is nice. Today is has been quite cold and pissed it down all day. Good old Britain.



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