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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mechanical : The EP Collection on CD

My latest release, Mechanical : The EP Collection, is now available from all the main digital download stores. The CD version will be available to buy soon. I am waiting for the first box of discs from the manufacturers. The manufacturers upload software has produced the case renderings below. I hope you like them.

I wanted to go for a very simple design on this case. Lots of white and very crisp. The artwork was put together be Neil of Neil Duffin Photography and I think it looks great. I cant wait for the dics to turn up. Should be this week...

Next on the release schedule is the remaster and extended edition of Nightmares and Dreamscapes. I am planning on putting this out around November time. I am also working on a brand new Creature album. I currently have 9 tracks completed. I will keep on writing until after Christmas. I will probably to an EP release first to help promote the full album.

Sound design wise I have a couple of new sample dvd ideas in production. I am hoping the first of these will be ready in time for Christmas. I won't divulge to much information about this just yet, but as soon as I have the demo pack ready I post again with more information.



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