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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Electronic Critters Demo and Pre-Orders

The image above is the new DVD case for Electronic Critters. The sounds on this new version of critters are based around noise recordings from a high end radio scanner. The noises consist of random speech, to static, pulses, data transmisisons, radar beacons etc. These noises have then been processed through lots of DSP effects to create sounds that are completely out of this world.

If you go to the Electronic Critters site, you can download a free demo pack from the new critters disk. Also on the shop you can pre-order a DVD copy. The DVD version costs £19.99 instead of £24.99. Any discs pre ordered will be shipped out around mid November.

I am just making the final tweaks to the collection and the finished DVD image will go off to be manufactured. You will also be able to buy Electronic Critters digitally from Sounds/To/Sample within the next few weeks.



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