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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas Mk2 In Newcastle

After we got back from Devon this Christmas we had a couple of days at home, one of which Amanda had to go into work. Then on the Thursday We traveled up to Newcastle to see Amanda's family. The drive was a bit of a nightmare as the country had a snow storm which made the driving conditions quite bad. Where we live in Belper we thought was bad enough with the snow, but it snowed a lot heavier up north.

We got to Amanda's mums in the afternoon and took all the presents in for everyone. Amanda's mum cooked a meal for us all in the evening. This weekend we also met Frans (Amanda's little sister) new boyfriend Mark. He is from Kent which is not too far from where I come from in Essex, so at least there was someone else there who pronounced their words correctly ;-).

The next day we drove to South Shields to see Amanda's Nan and Grandad, Then we drove to Gateshead to visit her other sister Angela and her boyfriend John.

In the evening Amanda was quite keen to cook a meal for everyone back at her Mums house so we worked together to make a nice curry. We deliberately tried to make the curry quite mild but Fran still looked like she was on fire. Oops.

We drove back this morning which is New Years Eve. We are not going out tonight as we are both tired from all the traveling over Christmas so we are staying in with a few bottles of wine and some bad TV programs.



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