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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Circuit Bending Experiments

After yesterdays post about the keyboard bending project I had a few people ask me today why the hell I would find half blowing up old toys fun. So I shall present an example to illustrate. If you click on this MP3 you will hear a short recording of the 'My Little Talking Computer'. This is a raw recording from the toy straight into the mixing desk. The glitches and fuckups you hear are the result of me pressing the switches I added to make the toy spaz out.

Ok, it sounds pretty shit, I'm the first one to admit it :-) BUT, with a little chopping up, time stretching, eq'ing, reverberation and digital delays, you can create alien sounding ambient pads like that demonstrated in this MP3.

Now I hardly put any effort into the above ambient example, I quickly knocked it out in 5 minutes. But anyone that has heard my previous albums will know that I make use of lots of ambient soundscapes to give a film soundtrack feel to the music. But adding new life to old toys I can create new and unique soundscapes :-)



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