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Monday, January 22, 2007

To Hull and Back

This weekend I went up to Hull to visit Mat, Clare and Max again. I got the train up straight up after work. I was a little worried that the trains wouldn't be running properly as the day before there was a lot of wind in Derbyshire that made the train companies cancel a lot of services. Luckily everything was running properly on friday. I got to Hull about 7.30 and Clare came and picked me up from the station.

Max strutting his funky stuff to the Ramones.

We didn't do much on friday night except chill out. Clare was out at a family party so Me, Mat and his friend Ben watched Phantasm 3 whilst drinking some strange indian ceylon tea that ben found under some floorboards. God knows why we thought it would be a good idea to drink them. The packets were sealed though :-)

Auditioning for the new Creature vocalist.

On Saturday we took Max to a place called the Deep. Basically a huge Aquarium, that has sharks and other such deap sea beasties. Was quite good fun, never been so close to a 5 foot shark before. After going to the Deep, Me and Mat nipped into the city center whilst clare took Max to Toys R Us. I went into Music Zone and found my bargain of the year so far. They were selling the box set of all 4 Phantasm films for only 7.97!!!!! The box set was only released last year. It must not be a huge seller. Oh well, who cares, means I get a bargain on what I think are an awesome set of horror films. Woohoo :-)

On Saturday evening after max had been put to bed, We ordered a load of Pizzas and watched another horror film. This time we watch Rob Zombies debut film, 'The House of a 1000 Corpses'. Bloody good film too. More of a homage to 70's style horror instead of the bollocks slasher horror pics made these days where it is just an excuse for some blonde bimbo to run about with her tits out. Not that I mind that though :-) Lots of blood, knives, crazy americans, and freaky undead mental patients. If your not squeamish then I recommend watching it. Infact even if you are sqeamish, watch it anyway you wimps, its only a film.

Like 2 peas in a pod.



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