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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Builders Skips and Wedding Albums

On friday we had a large skip delivered to our house. This is so we could have a thorough tidy up. You know how it is, 2 people live together and then hoard loads of junk. Well, we are fed up with the junk, so are binning it all. Yesterday we sorted the cupboard under the stairs, kitchen and my office and today we binned most of the crap in the loft. You can actually get up into the loft now, its amazing how much shit you accumulate over the years.

After all the junk disposing I did some work on Angela and Johns wedding album. I got all the photos printed the other week after a long selection process, and lots of photoshop processing too improve the colours and removing red eye. We have finally picked an album to put the photos in, which was a hard job as most places sell those horrible scrap books with plastic films over the pages, which we didn't want as they look shit. But we have a really nice album with a leather cover and the photos are looking great in them, as seen in the pics on this article.

I was hoping to get most of the photos in this evening, but I ran out of double sided tape, so will have to finish it off tomorrow.



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