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Monday, October 16, 2006

Mat, Clare and Max's For The Weekend

This weekend I went up to Hull to visit Mat, Clare and Max. I got the train up there after work on Friday and got to Hull about 7.30. Mat and Clare were waiting for me at the station so we drove back to the house, ordered a curry and watched an old Monster Club DVD. On Saturday Me and Mat fiddled around with some recording for a few hours whilst Clare took max out to visit some friends. On Saturday evening we went to Mat's neices birthday party as she is 18 this week. The party was good fun. Everyone made something for the buffet, Mat and Clare made a load of onion bahgis for the party. I helped chop 2 bags on onion in the afternoon which was quite a painful thing to do. My eyes were streaming loads, I looked quite emotional.

Max certainly enjoyed the party, he was the first one on the dance floor and was boogying for hours. He even made a lady friend, lucky sod :-) We left the party about 9.30 as Max was totally knackered. Wooing the ladies certainly takes it out of you.

On Sunday we all chilled out in the morning playing games with Max whilst Clare had to go to work, and we had a nice roast chicken dinner in the evening. Was a nice relaxing weekend. Must go up again soon and listen to Max, the little chatter box :-)



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