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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Carolines Birthday BBQ

Today was Carolines birthday so She and Neil threw a BBQ party in the afternoon. Neil picked up Me and Amanda about 1pm as Neil wanted to borrow our BBQ and garden chairs. We decided it would be better to use 2 BBQ's rather than 1, that way Neil wouldn't be cooking all afternoon.

The afternoon was really good. Lots of food and lots of boozing, perfect for a saturday afternoon. It was good to just chill out in the evening as I spent the morning trimming the hedge around the house so was knackered :-)

Neil also made a huge jug of Pimms, but because he had never made it before, He mixed in far too much Pimms and it ended up looking like a jug of bitter. Wasn't complaining though, it tasted nice and packed quite a punch.



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