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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Darrens Redundancy Party

I went around Darrens house early yesterday afternoon for a BBQ and party. Darren threw the party because the company he worked for (who I worked for before Full Fat) has just closed it's doors and made everyone redundant, so Darren got everyone around for a 'Happy Redundancy Party'. As per usual Darren filled half the garden with a huge bouncy castle. Great fun after 5 or 6 beers.

Greg and his son onthe bouncy castle.

Loads of people turned up, including my old boss Greg (above photo). Was quite strange to see my old boss jumping around on a bouncy castle :-) Also Elly, Rob, Mike, Neil, Simon, Leeanne , Mitch, Becky and paul from the old office were there. We started the afternoon off fairly relaxed with a load of beers, then as everyone got more drunk, the sillyness started on the bouncy castle.

Leeanne and elly

The BBQ was fired up about 5pm and we had loads of sausages, burgers and chicken. I was stuffed afterwards.

Mike, Mitch and Becky

Mitch thought it great fun to run into the living room every now and again and turn off the pump for the bouncy castle whilst people were on it. On one occasion Darren decided to mount the top part of the castle and try to ride it rodeo style :-)

Darren sitting on top of the bouncy castle.

Everyone was knackered after messing around on the bouncy castle. Forget gym memberships, just get a castle for the garden, probably much more effective, and certainly more fun.

Late in the evening, a few people decided to take a group photo with a little message for the company that just made them redundant. In true artistic fashion, the photo is named 'F*** You'. Wasn't me idea, honest ;-)

Me and Neil left around 9.30 as Caroline came to give us a lift home which was good as Ilkeston is quite far from Belper so would have been quite expensive in a taxi.

Mitch prooving he really is queer as folk with the pink hat, what will Becky think.



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