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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Revenge of the garden part 2

Today I carried on my war with weed control in the garden. I started about 9.30 in the morning after the skip had been delivered. I started digging out the old flower bed. This took a long time to do as I needed to dig out all the roots. It took me around 2 hours to get this dug out.

Once the flower bed had been dug out, I started putting down the weed proof membrain. I peged it into place to make sure it couldn't move. Once this was all in place I covered the whole lot with brown bark chippings.

We are going to cheat with the garden. Instead of putting plants into the ground and puncturing the membrain, we are leaving the area covered in bark, and will put containers on top of this. Should make the whole area easier to maintain.

Once I had done the flower bed in the back garden, I did the same for the small flower bed in the front garden. This didn't taken me that long as I had already dug the area out. After I had done this I got rid of all the rubbish from the back garden and put it in the skip.

I also want to lift up the entire patio area and put weed proofing down and relay the patio. I started this process of, by lifting up all the paving stones and digging out the weeds. Through the week I will make lots of trips to the garden center to buy the sand and gravel I need to ge the job done next weekend.



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