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Monday, April 17, 2006

Early Morning Walk

Seeing as it is a bank holiday, I decided to go for a walk with Neil and Caroline. The plan was to go to Castleton, so they picked me up at 8am and off we went. When we left Belper the sun was shining, but once we got to Castleton it really started to rain hard. We went to a tea shop and got a cup of coffee and slice of cake and hoped the rain would settle. It didn't. Castleton seems to have it's own weather system. It could be sunny everywhere else but snowing in Castleton :-) We decided to give up on Castletgon idea, so we drove to Chatsworth house instead. Neil had a walking book that described a 7 mile walk around the grounds of the house so we drove to the car park and got ready.

luckily the weather held out for us and we stayed dry and warm. The walk started at the gardens by the house and then we ended up going of the beaten track on the rest of the walk described in the book. One part of it was quite steep, but not to bad. Certainly not as steep as what Castleton would have been.

About 12 we stopped for some lunch. Caroline made pitta breads filled with home made coronarion chicken and they were very nice :-) After this much needed energy boost we continued the walk. At the top of the hill the views were very nice. The sky had some menacing clouds which made the view even more interesting.

On the last quarter of the walk we came across this cool viaduct looking thing with a water fall dropping down from it. Wasn't expecting to see that.

As we approached the end of the walk we saw the sign below saying 'Look out! Children Everywhere'. We was half expecting to see loads of zombie children scurrying around, but no, there was a small petting zoo around the corner.

The whole walk took around 3.5 hours to complete and my legs were killing me afterwards. We headed back to the car and drove to Matlock so we could go to the shops before they closed, then we headed back to Belper.

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